Glorifying Violence?
A month or so ago I submitted a letter to the editor of this newspaper regarding girls who bully. Just a week or two ago I read about and watched a portion of an online video of the six Florida teenaged girls who have been arrested and charged as adults for beating up another teenaged girl, videotaping it, then proudly displaying it on YouTube, an online source for homemade videos, song videos, etcetera. No matter how old we get, and no matter how many shocking things we have heard about or witnessed along the way, there is always something else that wanders down the pike that surprises us. Learning that girls take pride in such behavior was not a new idea for me to digest as I have already mentioned this in the letter referenced earlier. However, I was shocked and saddened to learn that many girls had previously aired their dirty deeds – the Girl Fights – online. These girls in Florida, as well as their parents/legal guardians, are now very surprised that they are paying a price for their violence. Am I missing something here, but kidnapping, holding someone against their will, then beating on them is against the law???

I am a peaceful, laid back, live and let live person most of the time. But if my daughter were attacked and beaten by young people, I would want them brought to justice. No matter what their age, troubled people need help and they need to be held accountable! We cannot condone violence and say, “Oh, kids will be kids.” I am okay with kids being kids when a four year old draws on the wall. I understand a 15 year old girl having a meltdown screaming fit over not being allowed to date an 18 year old. That is kids being kids. But to set someone up for a beating and then videotape the beating is beyond kids being kids. If parents of these violent children were held more accountable, then they might wake up and realize what Princess is plotting with her BFFs (Best Friends Forever). I know I sound like an old fuddy dud woman and I just need to “get with the program or get with the times,” but I will never change my way of thinking and be able to rationalize that perpetrating cruelty and acts of violence against each other is acceptable behavior.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or rape, the FVC wants to help. You do not have to report your sexual assault or rape to law enforcement or press charges, but you do need to talk and get a medical exam. It is critical to report a rape/sexual assault to an agency such as the FVC within at least 48 hours. Medications can be given now – if the victim makes it to the emergency room within 48 hours — that will keep the rape victim from contracting HIV, the AIDS virus. Many people are not aware of this. There are also other sexually transmitted diseases you as a victim could have contracted and we need to make sure you are treated for these. You could also become pregnant against your will and need medical assistance. Call the FVC Hotline at (828) 682-0056 24 hours a day.